Line Striping

A well-marked parking lot is an important feature of your property. RMR Inc. has been designing and striping parking lots for 30 years. We are the experts at creating traffic flow and organization for safety and convenience. Properly marked parking areas can be an attractive part of the facility that is also safe, and most important, usable for your guest.

Additionally, when the parking lot striping is completed, the parking area should be functional, fit into the overall theme for the building, and aesthetically pleasing in it’s overall appearance. Striping is a great way to keep a parking lot looking new and professional. Always take a proactive approach to asphalt paving maintenance. Those who choose not to take good care of their lots will pay the price in the long run. Customers always appreciate a well designed and painted parking lot. It is the first thing that customers see when visiting your property, so it should look great.


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